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Our Leaders

Abdi Hassan



Abdi is a trained Accountant who focuses his time developing social enterprises and supporting marginalized communities to find solutions to impact change in their own lives.


Abdi currently sits on the NHS England Mental Health London wide transformation board and has worked in community organizing for 20 years. 





Discovery College


Amani manages our Discovery College contracts, alongside Mind.


Providing nurturing and thriving safe spaces for young people.


Community Connector 


Bash is a Hackney resident & Community Connector at Coffee Afrik with over 20 years of community work experience. He helped create and open Hackney's first and only Somali community centre, where women go to discuss the issues affecting their lives and to get support and advice. Bash created the Hackney's first Somali culturally competent referral pathway service. 


   Community    Team


Katra, Ubah, Zainab, Sirad, Fadhiya, Fowzia.

Fowzia is our amazing Quran teacher and local mother in Tower Hamlets.  

Sirad oversees our safe space in Hackney and is the team leader.

Chef Fadhiya is our culturally competent chef, her food is highly sought and brings much life to our spaces. 

Fowzia is our Quran Teacher in Hackney, a powerhouse and leader.


Kadra is our Tower Hamlets Women's Coop Lead. 

Ismail, Mohammed

Community Navigators



Ismail & Mohammed are Community Navigators who are experts by experience working on Project Adder and at ELFT.


Their work involves outreach and supporting those suffering with substance misuse by signposting them into appropriate services. Their expertise in cultural competence allows for suitable treatment pathways to exist for service users.

Mahad oversees the Harrow contract.

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